“I’ll wait for you…”

  I have no big revelation this week or even any great words of wisdom …. but I do feel like sharing my feelings with you all today. Last Saturday was graduation for the class of 2013….what a day that was! After coming off the depressing low of Wednesday (scholarship[…]

The Fall

Yesterday probably marked the hardest day without Sky since the day of her burial. We presented 6 graduating seniors with Skylar’s scholarship awards. To say that I was exhausted at the end of the ceremony is an understatement. I left there feeling like I had just run a marathon.  Sitting[…]

Wake up and Live!

Here I sit yet again in total disbelief that this is the life  I was handed. Completely beside myself in utter awe that I have a child that I visit at a cemetery. In 2 days we will hit the 6 month mark of the day this earth lost 3[…]