Whoa what an emotional week I have had.  Wednesday was the first day of school for my kids and what SHOULD have been Skylar’s first day of her Senior year….ahhh the year she’d been dreaming of for so long.  I have been waking Sky up and sending her off to[…]


I thought I had some clear thoughts to write out today and then I turned on Sky’s iPhone and sifted through her “Notes” section, which I had never done before. There were sweet messages from Sophie telling Sky that she loved her and other friends messages as well. Sky had[…]

Living Amidst the Grief

  In the past 9 months  I have heard every bit of advice that I am sure a person can hear when dealing with the death of a child…..most of it is useless, although said with good intentions and mostly with love, still pointless. I saw the quote above and[…]