If Today Was Your Last Day

  I received a piece of mail for Skylar yesterday and at first didn’t think a whole lot about it, until I opened it. Here is how the first line read: Dear Skylar L. Kooken,  Life after high school. It’s approaching fast. And the burning question is: Where will you[…]

372 Days Without You

  By the grace of God I have survived the first year without my oldest baby. A year filled with valleys like I have never known, a year filled with enough tears to fill an ocean, a year filled with enough questions and anger to last a lifetime, a year[…]

I Will Remember ……..

  It seemed fitting to post my text with Skylar from one year ago today….this pretty much sums us up, anything goes. (and yes, I called her out and let her go home….of course, she held my heart in her hands, always). ___________________________________________________________________ I was hoping that my anger had[…]