1 thought on “Sophie & Skylar

  1. this is what I miss the most . no one was neary as close to being as goofy as you too. I miss your faces , both of you and I miss hearing the silly things you two would come up with . I miss your egg sandwich soph and I miss you laugh sky . I wish I had more time with you both .. I love you girls and I miss you more and more everyday. it’s crazy cause sometimes it’ll be real and other days I’m just waiting for you to come back . I can’t believe I let us drift, but you both will never know the impact you made on me – I can see you both looking at me like ‘bullshit’ haha but it’s true . I can’t stop thinking about you and I wish magic was real I’d bring you back – I at least wish that heaven had a phone , it would bring comfort to so many . help us all get through this you three – you will never be forgotten . ever , we miss you too much . love always

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