2 thoughts on “Visiting with 3 beautiful girls gone too soon.

  1. Hi,

    My name is Lori Yuppa, and my son Chase Cameron Cummings passed away on 9/18/12 on my 45th birthday, a heroin overdose. I was talking to Liberty today and mentioned that to her and she told me about your website. I was so devestated to hear of the girls deaths. Anytime I would hear of a child dying, it would break my heart but now it is more heart breaking than ever… I am on facebook… its such a shame a parent buries a child, or has to get an autopsy report… I have great faith in God and I know my son is in heaven and one day we will be together again… God bless you and your website is beautiful!! love and hugs from another mother of an angel!!!

  2. Your dedication to visiting them everyday is just incredible. I know you hate to hear about how strong you are…but it’s very true

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