A Mother's Journey

A Mother’s Journey

Authored by Kelli Kooken
Edition: 1

November 4, 2012 my world changed forever. At 12:40 a.m. my oldest daughter, Skylar (16), and two of her friends, Sophie (17) and Julianna (14), were killed instantly in a single car accident involving 6 teenagers. I am dedicating this book (based on my original blog postings) to my Sky-bird and her two beautiful friends, our 3 angels. I am hoping that my faith and hope will bring some peace and perspective to other families who are struggling with the sudden loss of a loved one, especially that of a child. Inside these pages you will find unvarnished and at times brutal and intense emotions. I trust that God has a plan and purpose for this tragedy, and today begins the journey of finding mine.
*Proceeds from this book will benefit Skylar’s Scholarship Fund.

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  1. Dear Kelli, I just wanted to tell you I finished reading your book. I have followed your blog and Skylar’s story since that terrible day. I have thought about you and the three beautiful girls that were lost in this tragedy. I must say that reading your book was not only heartbreaking but inspirational. The courage and strength that it must take to face each new day must be overwhelming. You must have a tremendous support group and unwavering faith in the Lord. Your family and friends must be an amazing group of people and I am sure they are so proud of you. Your children have an incredible role model in you. You are showing them not only strength, but compassion, forgiveness and hope for the future at a time that I am sure you have wanted to give up. At the end of your book to my surprise you included the e-mail that I sent to you to express my feelings to you. I am honored and proud that you included my message in your book and that I touched your heart in some small way. I am hoping that you and your family are able to face each day with hope and faith. You truly are an inspiration and I will always keep you and your family and the families of Sophie and Julianna in my prayers. I wish you only the best and never doubt that people around you and the Lord love you without question. Sincerely, Anita Monnin

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