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  1. Dear Kelli,

    You do not know me personally, but you are in my LinkedIn Network. I am sorry to see that I did not connect your name to your daughters until I saw this blog posting.

    As a Father of a 25 year old, my heart and prayers go out to you. As a person who fought a big alcohol problem, I had to turn my recovery over to God, because as a human being, I could not control the obsession by myself. After my attempt to kill myself, I fell on my knee’s and asked God to direct me to what He wanted from me. That was 4 years, 10 month and 28 days ago, and He has taken away my obsession with alcohol. I believe that God talks to us through the people on earth. When we have questions or doubts and we question why God has taken something from us, or put us in a position we can not fathom, He has someone come into our lives to try to explain his path.

    I am not claiming that I am doing that now. I am just sharing my belief and asking you to keep your eyes and ears open, and maybe God will give you some direction. I know that he places his hands on my shoulders many times and directs me in the path I should go.

    My heart aches for you and the families involved in this tragedy. I hope that He uses the people to help you through your pain. My wife and I speak to our son once a day, at least, and we always share our love for each other. I am so glad that the two of you were able to share your love at least twice that day.

    My thoughts and prayers, along with my wife’s are with you, your family and the families of all involved. My hope and prayer is that God places his his hands on your shoulder’s and directs you to the answers you are seeking.

    With all my heart, I wish you comfort. I always end my notes and emails with this ending, and I hope it will help. Enjoy the day.


    Bob Kuflewski

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