3 Crosses

Well my sweet child, we placed 3 crosses for 3 beautiful girls today at the crash site. I’m so happy  there is a daily reminder to everyone that passes, just how short and precious life is……I just wish it wasn’t my baby girl (and Soph and Juls) that had to be a part of this reminder.

Sky, I still can not believe that this has happened. I watched this afternoon as Anthony helped dig a hole for your memorial cross, and my heart sank. He should not be doing this for his girlfriend, as I should not be doing this for my daughter. I want you back Skylar and that is my plea to God daily…. “I want her back!!!!”  I know I can’t have what I ask for, but I’d give anything to hold you in my arms right now.

I stood at the crash site and thought “this is the last place that my Sky was alive, even if only for a brief moment, she was alive right here”……and for a moment I felt your presence.

I’m missing you beyond measure baby girl…….

Love you more…..



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  1. Hi, my brother is Ryan Pham. I don’t remember too much of Sky, but I do remember her coming over to my house and I would be downstairs in the living room, everybody upstairs, they were laughing and screaming and she was really nice to me when ever she came over. It’s hard to describe. I know that words can’t come close to describe how you feel but at the memorial, when I was crying, and everybody else was crying, we had people comforting us. We always will. RIP Sky

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