Prayers for my Alexyss Raine

I sat down this evening….or I guess it is now morning…..thinking I was going to write about how bittersweet my day was Christmas shopping , knowing there were no gifts to be bought for Skylar this year; no long list from her of books and movies she wanted and shoes she just had to have.

However, as I sat here I couldn’t get Lexy off my mind. My heart is so broken for my kids and the sister they lost way too soon. It was always important to me that Sky have a sister, I was so excited when I knew Lexy was a girl and that Sky would get her sister – her friend for life. I knew that even after I was gone they would always have one another. I sit here tonight in anguish and anger knowing that my Lexy not only lost her best friend Julianna, but also her best friend FOR LIFE – her sister, Skylar. How in the world is that fair to a 14 year old girl? I can deal with my pain and sadness but how does a young girl? I ask for prayers for Lexy specifically today and that God wraps His loving arms around her and gives her peace, comfort and understanding in her darkest hours.  I pray that she always feels Sky near her and that she knows Sky is always just a whisper away.

I know God has something amazing and huge planned for our lives and the lives of all Sky’s friends (and Soph’s and Jul’s too)…..there is no way these girls left a gaping hole the size of Texas in all of our hearts for no reason……. I’m seeking His purpose daily and I hope you will too.

Many of you have heard this song and I’m posting it now for my Lexy. This song was written by Blake Shelton about the older brother he lost in a car accident as a 14 year old teenager.

Skylar, Lexy, Caden and Ashton: I love you more……..

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  1. I am Leah Maupin’s mom. Eight yrs. ago today my husband went home to live again, only with Jesus. You will never get over your daughter’s earthly death but God will give you grace to endure this life without her. I will be praying for that and for Lexy. I too love Blake’s song.

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