Give them wings …..



12/2/15 – 3 years, 28 days since you gained your wings.

I came across this image the other day and it amazed me what the true meaning of the sign is versus how I took the meaning to be. Skylar was on the cusp of adulthood and all too ready to spread her wings. Wings that I prayed diligently for, wings that I hoped I had helped shape into strong, independent and confident vessels. I could look at her, and through the attitude and adolescence, I saw a blossoming, smart, courageous and loving young woman. A friend. A daughter. A confidant. I knew she would be just fine in this cruel world, because I gave her roots and I knew all too soon that I would have to give her wings, and let her fly.

Never did I imagine that the wings that she would be given would not come from me but instead from her heavenly father. Not exactly the wings you want for your teenage daughter. I was readying myself to let her soar, not to let her go.

But just like this image, I see and interpret most things differently these days. That’s what grief will do to you. It’s not all bad. I can see the truth in things that most, who have not suffered tragedy, can not. I can discern between what is truly important and what is irrelevant, and choose to instead, focus on what matters in this lifetime.

I know that I am here to share Sky’s story, remind others that God IS good,  in spite of tragedy and hurt, and to offer my love and support to those who are suffering. Despite enduring the single most tragic event that a mother can experience, I will not let this rock my faith. I know I still have purpose on this earth  and so does Skylar’s life and legacy.

I will continue to give my children roots, and the wings that I help shape, will carry them through life and ultimately to their forever home. Because really, what else matters?

As always Sky….. I love you more.


I have compiled my first 2.5 years of blog postings into book format. Proceeds from this book will benefit Skylar’s scholarship fund. If you know anyone that can be helped from our tragedy please share this link:





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