31 days without you


The stockings are hung 

By the chimney with care

In hopes that when I wake

You will be there.

Words are inadequate today. My heart is so full of pain and sadness. I fear I will never be whole again. I fear Lexy, Caden and Ashton will suffer….they have been robbed of their mom who was whole.

I miss you Skylar and my pain is unmeasurable. The rain today was so significant of all the tears I have shed since you went away.

Kisses to you, Soph and Juls….. you are all missed beyond measure.

Love you more…….



2 thoughts on “31 days without you

  1. Im crying over this, i didnt even know these beautiful girls but i know your pain, I felt like i lost my soul when i lost my nephew. I wanna apoligize for your loss and give my full condulences to you and your children. Kepp your head up you can pull through

  2. Kelli, your blog is absolutely beautiful but so sad all at the same time. My heart aches for you every day especially with the holidays coming up. I have no doubts that Skylar’s presence will be all around you and you will feel her love and get through it. Lexy, Caden, and Ashton will never suffer, you are their rock and they love you so much…it is so apparent:) Your blog truly has helped me remember what is truly important in life and I appreciate you pouring your heart and soul for the world to see to help us all appreciate the little things in life:) I will continue to pray for you and Matt and the kids every single day. Love, Dawn

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