Wow! As I type this I am shaking. When I was writing my earlier post I was talking to Skylar and begging her for a sign. It’s not something I would typically type and tell you all about as I like to keep my talks with Skylar to myself, even though they are one-sided, I know she hears me.  I will eventually write  about when Skylar spoke to me just a few days after the accident and after I had visited her in the basement of our funeral home. But this evening I have to tell you about the most amazing thing that happened just after I posted earlier today.

I finished my blog and got up from the computer to go and make dinner for the kids and just as I entered the kitchen my door bell rang. A neighbor that I barely know and only met after this tragedy was standing there with her daughter. Her daughter handed me the necklace (pictured above) and told me she saw it and had to buy it for me (in case you can’t read the necklace it reads: I love you more) .  I was too shocked to say much else but as soon as I closed the door I cried….I had asked Skylar for a sign and boy did I get one!

Thank you Skylar, mommy loves you more! And thank you to Amy and Sarah for being my angels this evening and you didn’t even know it.



  1. Wow! I read your blog and think about you daily. I normally try to be a silent observer but I had to comment on this. When my father died I felt his presence many times and asked for him to please show me something. He did on so many occasions and I never shared it with anyone because I didn’t want to seem weird to them. I truly believe they stay with us for awhile to help us cope with our pain then head to a better place when they feel we can handle life. I have never felt so much pain as when my dad died and know that it doesn’t compare to you losing a child. I just think they stick around and keep an eye on us for awhile before they go where they need to go. I don’t know what you’re going through Kelli because I’ve never lost a child but I’m know it’s hard. I think she’s gonna stick around til she knows you and her little sister and brothers are ok to go on. Not because you forget but because you learn to live with her memory.

  2. Oh Kelli what an answer to your prayer. You have to feel such peace and comfort from this. It is the message you’ve been waiting for from your angel sky. You can wear this close to your heart knowing she is right there with you everyday. Smile dear God is good. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. How wonderful! You truly are in everyone’s thoughts and prayers, including Skylar’s. I know it’s not fair, but she is in great hands and you are now in hers. Xoxo.

  4. WOW God is good and meets your needs just at the perfect moment! As your mom I’m thankful He sent Amy and Sarah to give you the sign you needed from our precious Skylar. I love you Sweet Pea!

    1. Wow…. I am amazed and my faith is strengthened every day reading your posts and blog.
      Your faith in God is so powerful…
      Thank YOU for sharing <3

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