and the greatest of these is Love…..


walk by Faith…..have Hope always...Love others

I wasn’t going to post anything this evening ( I suppose it’s early morning now) but I sat down at my computer, I pulled this verse out of a prayer jar that some friends made for me. This is one of my most favorite verses in the bible ( I even have a portion of it tattooed on me). As I looked at this verse I felt compelled to post it.

How powerful are these 3 words? Can you imagine this world if we ALL practiced Faith, Hope and Love in our daily lives?   People often ask (myself included) “what’s wrong with this world?!” The answer is simple: We lack Faith, Hope and Love….

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how people treat those that they know are going through a difficult time. It’s human nature to be a little more gentle, a little more patient, a little more kind, to someone that is struggling through a divorce, a death, an illness…..but what about those that you have no idea what they are struggling with? After all, we are all familiar with “the golden rule”…..why is it that we forget to actually practice it?

This world is cruel enough with things we can’t control (cancer, natural disasters, death, accidents). Why can’t we strive to insure that we are giving 100% to the things that we can control: our faith, hope and love?

My prayer tonight is for each of you, that as you wake this morning to start your day, you are reminded to bless others with your faith, hope and love.

I know nothing better that I can do to honor Skylar, Sophie and Julianna, than by practicing Faith, Hope and Love.

I love you more my sweet Skylar……missing you as always.



6 thoughts on “and the greatest of these is Love…..

  1. Much love to you and everyone in the family… I think about sky everyday ❤ So many memories I couldn’t ever forget…

  2. Wow! You inspire me so much! Thank you for your beautiful website and all the encouragement you give even while you are grieving.

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